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6 Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist in Mississauga

6 Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist in Mississauga


Excellent dental care doesn’t just happen.  You need to have a dentist you can trust to provide you with the dental services you need.  You also need to take part in your dental health.  You can have the best dentist in the world, but if you don’t do your part, too, you can have dental problems for the rest of your life.  Asking questions is one way to take an active part.  Here are 6 questions you should ask your dentist to start you off.

How can I take better care of my teeth?

Taking care of your teeth is a no-brainer, right?  Maybe not.  Your dentist can tell you if you’re brushing and flossing well enough to keep away tooth decay and gum disease.  And, in addition to your regular dental hygiene routine, your dentist might suggest other things you need to do that you hadn’t thought of before.   Your dentist knows your teeth from a different perspective than your , so he or she is a reliable source of information about your unique dental care needs.

Are my gums healthy?

Make it a habit to ask your Mississauga dentist about your gum health each time you go in for a dental appointment. It’s easy to miss problems with your gums. They usually don’t hurt the way teeth sometimes do. Besides that, you’re more likely to notice your teeth when you smile than you are to notice your gums.

Is there anything I need to talk to my primary care doctor about?

Many dental issues can be caused by medical problems your primary care doctor needs to check for.  Bad breath, for example, may be related to your dental health, but it can also signal other serious medical issues from liver or kidney disease to diabetes.  Your dentist is a valuable resource for catching medical problems in their earliest stages.

Do you see any signs that I’m grinding my teeth at night?

Many people grind their teeth at night without even realizing it.  Your dentist can look at the wear on your teeth to get a better idea of how teeth grinding might be affecting your dental health.  And, teeth grinding isn’t a trivial problem.  It can be caused by too much stress, pain or problems with your jaw.

Do I need a sports guard?

If you play sports or do rigorous leisure activities, your Mississauga dentist can advise you about whether it would be best to be fitted for a sports guard.  Even if you have phenomenal dental health now, an injury to your mouth could cause you unnecessary pain and mar your smile.  Your dentist can help you protect your teeth and gums with a custom-fitted sports guard.

Do you offer teeth whitening services?

Do you realize that whitening your teeth can help you improve your dental health?  The reason is that people tend to take better care of their teeth when they’re proud to show them off.  Your dentist can offer you several options for whitening your teeth, including in-office whitening and at-home whitening with his or her supervision.