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Caps and Crowns Mississauga Dentist Can Take Care of Your Oral Health

Caps and Crowns Mississauga Dentist Can Take Care of Your Oral Health

A good number of dental clinics in Mississauga offer dental crowns (or caps). A dental crown is recommended by dentists to protect and restore the normal shape and function of the tooth. Patients with damaged teeth are commonly prescribed with dental crowns. Crowns are designed to have a shape and size that is similar to a normal tooth. Because of the close resemblance to normal teeth, crowns are able to support the remaining healthy parts of the tooth.

Types of dental crowns

Dental caps and crowns are made of different materials to suit the patient’s personal preference. Materials such as porcelain, gold and other metals are used to make a dental crown. Porcelain crowns are manufactured in the same way as veneers, but offer more protection and stability. The advantage of a porcelain crown is that it has the similar color of a real tooth which gives you a seamless look. A dental crown made of porcelain is usually recommended when the front teeth are affected. Aside from its aesthetic purposes, porcelain crowns also provide endurance and stability, and are offered by different dentists in Mississauga.

Getting a dental crown in Mississauga

There are different reasons why a dental crown is prescribed to a patient. Crowns are used to restore a broken tooth, and to protect it from further damage. It is also used to cover any stained teeth and unsightly fillings. Crowns are also used to correct an anatomical inaccuracy like an uneven tooth surface, or space in between the teeth. Lastly, dental crowns are also used in conjunction with other dental procedures like root canal therapy.

Getting a dental crown in Mississauga usually entails two appointments. The first appointment is scheduled for the dentist to get a mold of the tooth. During the first appointment, the dentist will clean the tooth surface, and apply a temporary cap to protect the tooth while the permanent cap is being produced. When the permanent crown is available, the dentist will remove the temporary cap, and will then clean the surface of the tooth ensuring that the permanent crown will have a perfect fit. The permanent crown will then be attached over the affected tooth. The patient can now enjoy the benefit of the permanent crown.

Caring for a dental crown

After placement of the dental crown, your Mississauga dentist will provide instructions on how to care for it. Oral hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing, are still advised to make the dental crown last. Patients are also advised to avoid destructing behavior like fingernail biting or chewing hard food. The crown can last between five or eight years when properly taken care of. Regular dental checkups are needed to determine if the dental crown is still in good condition. Additional questions regarding crowns can be addressed by your dentist.