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Tis the season for giving and as a team we feel it is our responsibility to help those who are less fortunate than us. This year City Square Dental will be collecting food & non-perishable items to drop off at several Toronto shelters for the holidays. We are also having a raffle to win a pair of Toronto raptor tickets. Please bring in 3 items & receive 10 ballots to be entered in our contest. Feel free to drop off your contribute items to the collection. Together we can make someone's holiday season a little brighter. Drop off will at City Square Dental, location at 3660 Hurontario St.Suite 201 Mississauga ON L5B 3C4 or call (289) 521-2555 for more info. Your generosity is appreciated.

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Best Implant Dentist In Costa Rica

Best Implant Dentist In Costa Rica

Dental implants are one of the most common dental treatments around, but not all dentists have the requisite qualification and experience to handle the procedure. If you’re traveling to Costa Rica for your dental implant, it’s vital to book your procedure with the best implant dentist in Costa Rica. It is only then that you can be sure you’ll get the same quality of dental implants that you can expect from the top dentists in your home country. 

Are you in need of a top dentist in Costa Rica for dental implants? It would be best if you look no further than Dr. Bernal Soto of Da Vinci’s Dental Care. As a specialist in oral rehabilitation and advanced dental aesthetics, you can rest assured there’s no better choice for your dental implants in Costa Rica. 

Why Costa Rica dental implants are so affordable 

If you’ve been doing your homework, you’d know dental implants is one of the major procedure dental tourists travel for. Americans save up to 70% on dental care costs when they go to Costa Rica for dental implants. The same implant that costs as much as $1000 in the United States can be fixed for less than $400 in Costa Rica. It’s only reasonable to wonder why there is such a huge price difference for the same material and service. 

The dental clinics in Costa Rica can fix implants at such a cheap rate because of factors such as more affordable education and training, lower labor costs, more affordable cost of living, as well as lower cost of malpractice and other insurance plans. You can rest assured that you’re getting the exact implant materials you’ll get in America, alongside top-notch services.

Why should you choose Da Vinci’s Dental Care in Costa Rica for your dental implants 

Below are a few reasons why we believe Dr. Bernal Soto of Da Vinci’s Dental Care is the best implant dentist in Costa Rica: 

Training and licensing 

Dr. Soto got his dental education from some of the best schools in Costa Rica, the USA, and Spain. He is also a member of the American Dental Association as well as the American Association of Cosmetic Dentists and duly licensed by the relevant boards. 

Top-quality dental implants 

Dr. Bernal Soto uses the best materials for dental implants, and they still come at an affordable price. Patients also enjoy the best level of personalized care they can get anywhere in the world. 

Competitive pricing 

The fees you’ll pay pales in comparison with the quality of care you’ll enjoy at Da Vinci’s Dental Care in Costa Rica. Dr. Soto believes in giving patients the best value for their money, and you’re guaranteed just that. 

Proven track record of success

Over the years, Dr. Soto has been able to handle numerous seemingly complex procedures to great success. His patients always have glowing reviews about his services, and yours wouldn’t be any different.  

Contact the best implant dentist in Costa Rica

Are you thinking about coming to Costa Rica for your dental implants? Having your dental job with Dr. Bernal Soto at Da Vinci’s Dental Care is the best decision you can make. The clinic boasts the most experienced professionals, courteous staff, a conducive environment, and state-of-the-art equipment. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Bernal Soto today

Best Implant Dentist In Costa Rica
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