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At City Square Dental we offer high quality titanium dental implants, at the most affordable prices in Mississauga. Experience dental implants that look and feel like natural teeth.

Dental Implants Starting At $1195*

  • Includes the Surgical Placement of Dental Implant
  • Does Not Include Abutment & Dental Implant Crown
  • Our Periodontist uses only the highest quality dental implants

"We use Highest Quality Dental Implants available in Mississauga"

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Benefits Of Dental Implants Over Other Tooth Replacement Options

New and improved look

Dental implants appear similar to that of your own teeth. Since they are built to merge with bony structures, they do not stay temporarily but rather become permanent. By wearing dental implants, you will be able to regain your confidence because you are assured that your implant will be positioned properly at the spot where the original tooth was previously

Enhanced speech

Dentures that don’t fit well can lead to mumbling or slurring of speech. Unlike dentures, you dont’t have to worry about losing or slipping your  false teeth which is really an embarrassing experience, for in dental implants; your tooth is mounted surgically into your mandible or “jawbone”  You can confidently initiate a conversation with your family and friends without fuss.

Improved Level of Comfort

Since dental implants are implanted into the mandibular bone, you are assured that they are secure and you won’t have to suffer the inconvenience of slipping or losing dentures as you speak. Additionally most of your teeth will be left intact, securing a lifelong dental health. Since they provide easy access to the spaces in between teeth, you are able to eliminate plaque, which if not removed can cause tooth decay or gum disease.

Untroubled mastication

One of the downsides of having dentures is their ability to slide up easily which makes it difficult to chomp and grind food, especially meat. With dental implants, you will be able to enjoy eating your choice of food without hesitation.

Optimum oral health

If dentures are poorly-fitted, they might cause oral infaction, causing the spread of tooth decay to other healthy teeth. Dental implants, however, are ideal for those people with one or two teeth missing and that don’t have the need of reducing nearby teeth as in tooth-supported fixed bridges. Most of your teeth will be left intact, securing dental health

Higher resiliency

Dental implants, compared to false teeth, can last longer. They can stay for up to 20 years without having the need for a replacement. With dental implants you are sure that your money is invested well, instead of experiencing the discomforts brought about by dentures.

Dental Implants Procedure Video

Although there have been many discoveries and inventions brought about by technological advancement, people all over the globe still suffer from loss of tooth because of gum disease, injuries, and dental carries. People have long-searched for something that could uplift their self-confidence, thanks to the dental specialists who led the discovery of dental implants that we now enjoy.

As a solution to gaps in between teeth due to some teeth that are already beyond repair, dental implants have been discovered by the experts. Instead of replacing natural teeth with the traditional solution with the use of dentures and bridges, people are now beginning to embrace the thought of having dental implants. These implants have permanent and detachable replacement teeth which appears similar to that of your normal teeth.

It is imperative to know that implants should be given adolescents or just when the bony structures have already been completed. There are some medical conditions that require treatment prior to starting dental implatns as carcinoma, diabets, and periodontal diseases. To ensure that the jaw and facial structures won’t get damaged, a specialist uses CT scans as a guide when placing implants to give them a picture of the jaw bone and them locate the piolot

Dental Implants Recovery Time

How long is the recovery time for dental implants?

Recovery after the placement of dental implants depends on the procedures done in treating your condition. It is strongly advised to continue caring for your oral cavity in order to secure the correct fusion of the bone and the implant. Discomforts like swollen gums and minimal bleeding are expected so the dentist will prescribe analgesics to help control the pain that you will experience following the procedure.