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Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

teeth whitening

Teeth whitening services are no longer new to everybody. As a matter of fact, it is widely practiced in countries that are highly populated and its popularity spreads fast even in third world countries. To keep our teeth spotless, free from dirt and stain, follow these safety guidelines regarding teeth whitening:

  1. See your Dentist

Keeping our teeth white and shiny does not always have to be that expensive. However, people should also know that every step that we must do should be in accordance to the instructions of dental associations or better yet from a dental health provider. Getting the advice of a dentist is very important as they are skilled and knowledgeable about how to treat certain problems on our oral cavity.

On a check-up, the dentist can do a comprehensive assessment of your mouth to see if only needs a cleaning or a more advanced intervention. Prior to the whitening, the patient’s gum and tooth problems should be treated first as a general protocol. You can then inquire about the extent of lightening that you can receive to set your expectations. As our teeth grow dim as a person ages, the amount of change will vary from one patient to the next.

  1. Know what to Buy

At-home teeth whitening products include peroxides that range between 10 to 20 percent. In selecting a product, the level of peroxide must be within the abovementioned limits. If it does not deliver the result that you are expecting and there are no adverse reactions in your oral cavity, you can opt for a higher level of whitening. Any queries or uncertainties that you encounter in the process should be addressed to your dentist as he or she can help determine the whitener that suits you.

3. Follow the Doctor’s orders

Ensure that teeth whitening agents such as gels and strips must not be left on more than the time period instructed to you by the dentist. If so, your gums might get sore or swollen and can lead to other bigger problems.

Right after the teeth whitening session, patients must abstain from caffeinated beverages such as soft drinks and sports drinks for about two hours to observe the effects of the whiteners. If possible, resume eating dark-colored foods and dark-colored drinks after several weeks after the session. Using a straw when sipping dark-colored drinks could help promote the prolonged existence of your clear, white teeth.

4. Know the right time to Whiten

For precautionary measures, pregnant and lactating mothers should delay teeth whitening. Porcelain dental crowns and composite strip crowns won’t brighten up. If you push through with the whitening session, you might end up having an uneven or crooked smile.

5. Safeguard Sensitive Teeth

A short-range sensitivity is an expected result following a teeth whitening. However, it won’t be a trouble as long as the patient’s teeth and soft tissue lining of the oral mucosa are in good condition. Once there is an untoward reaction, it must be reported to the dentist as soon as possible.

Gel-filled mouth trays that appear like ordinary mouth guards can be bothersome if they do not match the curve or alignment of your teeth. If this problem arises, you must discontinue the teeth whitening process.

  1. Avoid exaggerating on your teeth whitening

To know if you should stop the teeth whitening procedure or still continue, make sure that you follow the  instructions on pamphlets or boxes that come along with the product. In order to achieve desired results, a monthly dental check-up is enough. Once the preferred shade is obtained, there is a need to re-execute the bleaching sessions bi-annually or less.