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Foods to Avoid for a Stunning Smile

Foods to Avoid for a Stunning Smile

When it comes to appearances, nothing is more attractive than a mega-watt smile. It’s no secret that when you’re smiling, you’re at your brightest, drawing others towards you in a profound way.

Unfortunately, however, people unknowingly sabotage the magnetic powers of their smile in a variety of ways. A common way that many individuals come in between themselves and a vibrant smile is through eating foods that both stain teeth and cause decay.

Are you eager to learn which mystery foods and beverages are causing your smile to dim? Allow us to dig in and illuminate everything you need to know about the foods to avoid for a stunning smile:



Are you an individual who simply can’t get through the day without your morning cup of Joe? Well, you may just have to make some adjustments to your sunrise routine.

While coffee is a known offender when it comes to teeth staining, there are some ways in which you can minimize your risk of having your brew affect the appearance of your teeth.

Here are three quick tips for drinking coffee in a way that doesn’t stain your teeth:

  • Use a Straw – It’ll stop the hot beverage from coming into contact with the fronts of your teeth.
  • Don’t Drink it Black – By cutting your coffee with a bit of milk, it breaks up the tannins in it, which are the colour compounds that are known to stick to teeth.
  • Brush Brush Brush – If you cannot fathom the idea of drinking your coffee any way but black, be sure to brush your teeth immediately after indulging in a cup.



Colorful candies, jelly and marmalade

 Ah, candy. Its sugary delightfulness is known to titillate any taste buds. However, due to its sticky consistency, candy is your enamels’ worst nightmare. While you’re chewing away at a piece of it or sucking on a lollipop, your teeth are simultaneously getting coated with loads of sugar. This, in turn, breaks down your protective enamel and leaves your teeth vulnerable to cavities.

While people may not be able to see your cavities, beauty begins with health. Plus, the constant struggle of coping with the shooting pain of your cavity is no reason to smile as it is!



Pouring red wine in glasses

This one may be hard to accept, but those evening glasses of wine certainly don’t come without consequences to your teeth.

While it may not come as a surprise that red wine stains your teeth, white wine is actually far worse for your pearly whites. In fact, the strong acids in white wine create grooves in your teeth that make them more susceptible to stains from other foods and drinks.

Fortunately, similarly to coffee, there are many ways in which you can continue to drink wine while minimizing your risk of harming your enamel, such as:

  • Swishing it: In between sips of your favourite cabernet, be sure to alternate by swishing water around your mouth to prevent the acidity of the wine from penetrating your teeth.
  • Brush brush brush: After you’ve enjoyed indulging in a crisp glass, be sure to make a pit stop in the washroom to brush away any remnants of the wine from your teeth.


Carbonated Sodas

Cola Glass, top view.

Have you ever heard the old adage, “sip all day, get decay” – well, we’re sorry to confirm that it has merit.

Unfortunately for soda lovers, the sugar in your favourite drink is a major threat to the health of your teeth. With acidity levels that damage enamel, soda is best to be avoided at all costs.

While we strongly implore you to give up pop for the sake of your smile, we understand that not everyone will want to get on board with the idea of completely forsaking the beverage. If this is the case for you, keep your consumption to a minimum and brush your teeth immediately after you finish your last sip.


Dried Fruit

Organic Healthy Assorted Dried Fruit

 Yes, even the dried fruit in your trail mix can wreak havoc upon your teeth if you aren’t careful. Due to its sticky consistency, dried fruit is known to get stuck in between the crevasses of your teeth when you chew, and if it is not promptly removed through brushing and flossing, you run the risk of getting cavities.



Ice cube tray

Cooling off your favourite beverages with a scoop of ice blocks isn’t an issue whatsoever. Trouble arises, however, when you get into the habit of chewing on the ice. When you do so, your enamel can become easily damaged and require fillings.

Even worse, chewing on ice can easily result in chipped teeth and loosened crowns. Don’t let a chipped or cracked tooth keep you from smiling and avoid chewing on the ice in your beverages!



bowl of potato chips

Who doesn’t love a bowl of crunchy chips? Potato chips are a universally adored salty snack, but our patients with heavy plaque and cavities often find themselves cutting down on their consumption once they realize what the chips are doing to their teeth.

The starch in potatoes converts into sugar that gets stuck in the surfaces of your teeth, causing decay if not promptly flossed away after eating.

How City Square Dental can Help

As dentists, we see tooth decay each and every day, making us experts in advising our patients on how to eat healthily to avoid its negative effects. Fortunately for those who have accidentally stained their teeth from the consumption of beverages such as coffee and wine, we offer teeth whitening services to help lift away any impurities from the enamel. If you’re ready to embrace your smile in all it’s glory, contact our dental clinic in Mississauga today to book your next dental appointment!