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How to Improve Your Smile

How to Improve Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry addresses issues like malformed bites, discoloration, open spaces, as well as misshapen or cracked teeth. With the use of superior technology, Mississauga cosmetic dentistry is continuously evolving to provide patients with a great number of treatment options in order for them to achieve the healthy and beautiful smile they’ve always wanted.

Dental procedures used for a more beautiful smile

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges help to treat a lost tooth or a gap between teeth. The procedure is appropriately termed a “bridge” because a replacement tooth is used to fill in open spaces.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are also a convenient name. A crown will cover a deformed tooth in order to restore it to its normal shape size. The crowns will actually improve the tooth’s appearance. Dental crowns, ideally, match teeth in color to go unnoticed, and help with strengthening, for a healthier and improved smile.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is also a popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Although many people can benefit from this procedure, it is only suitable for those with a healthy set of teeth. Therefore, not all clients are good candidates for tooth whitening. People can choose from less invasive options like whitening toothpaste, or a more extensive in-office bleaching.


Veneers are a convenient and efficient way of straightening and realigning teeth, without the hassle and involvement of braces. Open spaces and poor teeth structure can also be taken care of with veneers. They are very thin and sturdy once bonded to the teeth’s anterior. Veneers showcase strength and beauty, and are actually more stain resistant than natural teeth.

Filling, Bonding, and Implants

Cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of procedures to help improve any smile. Dental fillings work to give smiles a more natural look, while bonding helps with cracked or chipped teeth. Also, dental implants use artificial teeth to compensate for any missing ones.

Tooth Reshaping

Mississauga cosmetic dentists can improve your smile with tooth reshaping and dental contouring. This procedure is quick and can give you immediate results.

Accelerated Orthodontics

Traditional braces are being replaced by accelerated orthodontics. It’s a extensive surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia, of course. This can improve your smile in as little as three to eight months.

Mississauga clinics: the people’s choice for cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dental procedures can range from the least invasive of treatments to the most complex of methods, but rest assured that you’ll find a treatment option to suit your dental needs. Mississauga cosmetic dentistry can tackle anything from misaligned teeth to open spaces to tooth discoloration, and anything in between. Consider consulting a Mississauga dentist in order to weigh your options. With Mississauga cosmetic dentistry, you’ll find the smile you’re looking for.