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Oral Health

Oral Health

Gum problems, toothaches and tooth erosion are just some of the difficulties that someone can endure if oral health is not made a priority in their lifestyle. It was common enough for our elders to remind us to care for our teeth. While most of us do care for our teeth on a regular basis, we may only be doing it out of habit, not realizing the true purpose behind it.

Good Teeth, Good Health

Dental caries, also known as tooth decay, can be compared to a rotten fruit that is placed inside a basket full of healthy fruits. That single rotten fruit can ruin the others one by one. The usual causes of rotten teeth are dental plaque and tartar buildup. If a person has dental caries, infection extends throughout the oral cavity. In this kind of a situation, that person would experience extreme discomfort when chewing their food. Considering the pain, eating may not be the most appetizing thing anymore, especially if food particles get stuck on a tooth that is already exposed.

Confidence with a Smile

To those of us who take especially good care of our teeth, flashing a perfect, eye-catching smile becomes a real confidence booster. Those of us who do not think twice about our oral health may find ourselves rudely awakened by severe dental problems. When oral hygiene is taken for granted, the bacterial growth inside our mouth increases at a faster rate without us even noticing. Those substances in our mouths will create an unusual odor, subsequently causing bad breath. Being more aware of our oral hygiene habits comes in handy for most, especially for those of us who find ourselves in social situations often.

TLC for our teeth

As we are unique individuals, we have different ways of caring for our teeth. There are some who are strict in their health consciousness. These people tend to keep their teeth white and fresh by thoroughly brushing their teeth and flossing after every meal. They make sure to use antiseptic mouthwash. There are people who are relatively healthy, but maybe not as conscious. They would brush twice a day, and will try to remember to floss at least once. In contrast, there are also other people who aren’t as mindful of their dental health as the others. They opt for one or two of the above mentioned options only.

We have to note that oral hygiene is not only limited to these three habits. Our lifestyles directly affect our oral health more often than we might think. Here are just a few key points for everyone to remember:

  • To avoid tooth decay from spreading, control your intake of glucose-containing foods such as sweets and sodas.
  • Be firm in refraining from cigarette smoking because nicotine is bad for both the oral and nasal cavities.
  • For the best course of action regarding any dental issue, seek out an expert’s help, even before a dental emergency arises. Ideally, a dental check-up must be done once every year.

Just as we take care of our bodies with diet and exercise, so must we give the same importance to our teeth. Our oral health is, in fact, a reflection of our overall health. Maintaining good oral hygiene will be to our benefit not only in the long run, but also to our well-being as a whole.