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Patient Services

Patient Services

Dental Financing Services

At City Square Dental we try our best that the patients receive best possible care. We also offer you various finance options so that your treatment is seamless. You can pay us through your credit card, debit card or direct cash. We also offer insurance coverage to our patients. For that you have to tell us the details of your insurance package so that we may bill them directly. We have partnered with¬†Health Smart Financial Services in order to provide you with 0% finance options. Kindly check our “Dental Financing Services” page for more details.

Helpful Advice

Do you know that by just applying the right technique to brush your teeth, you can avoid tooth decay, plaque and other such diseases? Well, for more healthy tips on how to keep your teeth clean, visit our “Helpful Advice” page.

Post Operative Dental Instructions

Once you have been operated by the doctor you have to follow the instructions carefully in order to avoid any complexity or problem later. Different types of procedures require different post operative care. In order to know more about the care you should receive or give to the patient, refer to our “Post Operative Dental Instructions” page.