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Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common types of oral surgery performed today. Typically around the age of 16, but sometimes sooner, and sometimes much later, the extra set of teeth in the back of the mouth will start pushing down. We have a whole section on wisdom teeth removal here.

Other patients require extractions of their other teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease, or to make room for other dental procedures, such as braces. Some people even have teeth removed for reconstructive surgery of the face or jaw, correcting jaw alignment and asymmetry, to place in dental implants, or to reduce crowding.  Our oral surgeons routinely perform these and other dental surgeries at our office.

An oral surgeon’s expertise includes a painless, clean, and comfortable extraction.

You will either go to sleep and get put under local anesthetics, but it might not be necessary for quicker procedures. Your dentist will cut into your gums, especially if the tooth is impacted of infected. Usually the dentist will just use forceps to pull the entire tooth out, but he or she may also need to bring the tooth out in individual pieces.

Most procedures will require local anesthetics and sedation. City Square Dental’s comprehensive medical resources enable patients to have an initial consultation, testing, follow-up visits, and any needed medical procedures all in one location and with the same doctor.

We also have laser surgery available for some procedures, so if you’ve been avoiding a procedure, that’s a quicker, painless way to get the same procedure. If you are interested, please read more here.

If you want to hear more about our procedure, or to schedule your initial appointment, call our office at 289 521-2555.