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Gum/Bone Grafting

Gum/Bone Grafting

A bone graft is a complicated procedure used to recreate bone and the soft supporting tissues that were lost due, primarily, to gum disease. Some will call it regenerative surgery. The surgery is used to treat a disease called periodontitis, a disease where people lose gum coverage and bone support around their teeth. With surgery and proper care, the body has the ability to regrow those lost tissues.

Before having the surgery, you will need to have a basic periodontal treatment called scaling and root planning. You also must be taking good care of your teeth. You should brush twice a day and floss daily in the day, weeks, and months leading up to the surgery.

The goal of the surgery is to kick start and encourage the body into rebuilding the bone and tissues that attach a tooth to the jaw. It is done by a periodontist, a dentist who specializes in diagnosing and treating gum disease.

The periodontist will separate the gums from the teeth to gain access to the roots and bone. The roots will be cleaned thoroughly to remove any build up and the holes in the bone will be filled with a graft material. The craft material commonly includes your own bone, cadaver bones, cow bone, or synthetic glasses. You can discuss what will be used with your doctor, though your own bone is the best possible option. The doctor will then cover them with a barrier to prevent anything from growing incorrectly or getting infected.

After the graft is in place, the gums will be put back over the treated site and stitched into place. The site also may be covered with a bandage known as a periodontal pack or dressing.

A local anesthetic is used to numb the area for surgery, and will most likely get prescription pain medication for after surgery.

It will take six to nine months for your body to fill the area with new bone and soft tissues. During that time, you will have several appointments with your doctor to monitor the reattachment of your tooth to your jaw.

A lot of the success depends on choosing a quality facility to have the procedure done. We have state of the art facilities that will give you great results and put you at ease. To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors, please call 289 521-2555.