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Invisalign Invisible Braces

Invisalign Invisible Braces

Having a smile that does not complement the kind of personality you have is daunting. Not being able to smile freely due to your teeth’s misalignment can make you feel insecure in front of a huge crowd or even with your own set of friends.Here’s where invisalign braces come.

How invisalign braces work

The Invisalign approach are custom-made sets of teeth aligners meant to straighten the teeth works in the same way as normal dental solutions used by many in the past decades but with a different twist. This enables patients to work freely without the hurt and appearance issues regular braces offer.

Here are some points for you to consider:

  • They are uniquely molded to fit users.
  • These plastic trays are smooth in texture which gives comfort to the user.
  • The material is invisible so there are neither metal brackets nor wires for the orthodontist to tighten.
  • You get new sets of aligners every two weeks and the time you spent wearing them is 20-22 hours in a day.
  • It takes one year to treat the adults while the younger set expects the same length of treatment as teeth braces.

These teeth aligners work to slowly shift your teeth in place and depend on how your dental specialist plans it out. Here is a step by step account of the treatment process:

    1. Consult an orthodontist: Treatment starts as soon as you have selected an Invisalign provider. Choosing from the many providers of this teeth alignment tool can make you the difference in prices (affordability), schedules (to fit your own) and the time needed for them to fit you with the tool. Take note that not all dental practitioners are experienced in this type of dental solution so selecting from those who have previously worked with Invisalign is vital to your teeth enhancement goal.
    2. Assessment: The dental expert you have chosen will give you a detailed discussion in order to determine if you are a good candidate for this specific approach.
    3. Treatment Plan: The specialist will take x-ray images, impressions, and “before” photos of your teeth so he can map out an accurate treatment plan. The movements of your teeth have to be considered as well. The specialist will relate to you how your teeth will move in every treatment phase.

Candidates for Invisible Braces

People who have crooked sets, gaps or protruding teeth are more likely candidates for Invisalign braces. The following are examples of problematic teeth alignment that could warrant this dental solution:

  • Gapped Teeth – Missing a tooth makes the teeth shift from its original place to another which causes gaps in between one, a couple, or more teeth. Spaces lead to gum and cavities and periodontal issues.
  • Overbite – Also known as the overjet, this genetic problem which is likewise caused by bone overdevelopment or bad oral habits leads to irritation and painful joint and jaw issues.
  • Underbite – The undergrowth seen in the upper jaw or overgrowth of our lower jaw causes underbite teeth appearance. This prevents normal functioning of the molars or front teeth and results to tooth wear.
  • Openbite – This is a genetic issue which shows inability of the upper and lower teeth to create a proper bite. This is caused by severe thumb-sucking during the patient’s younger years.
  • Crossbite – People with Crossbite have misaligned upper and lower jaws. Bone loss, wear and gum disease are problems that are typically encountered.
  • Overly Crowded – This happens when the jaw cannot accommodate the number of teeth so an abnormal pattern ensues. This may result to severe misalignment and plaque or tooth decay is more likely to dwell.

If this has bothered you for quite a time, set yourself free by means of using the dental technology that has satisfied a lot of people—Invisalign Invisible Braces. Nevertheless, you have to learn about the pros and cons of this new approach so as to make yourself more at ease with the process.