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Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

Gum problems, toothaches, tooth erosion– these are just a few of the difficult situations or unpleasant experiences that one can get out of not prioritizing his or her oral health. Back in the day, our elders used to remind us to take care of our teeth. Some who just do as told may not understand the whole purpose of it, the reason it must be done.

Good Teeth, Good Health

If a person has dental carries, infection extends throughout the oral cavity. In that kind of situation, that person would experiences being uncomfortable when masticating food. There is a high possibility that the appetite of that person will be decreased for is he or she chews in the wrong tooth, it will be painful especially when a part of the food gets stuck on a tooth that is already exposed. Dental carries, also known as tooth decay, can be compared to a rotten fruit, which if placed inside a basket full of healthy fruits, could ruin them one by one. The usual causes of rotten teeth are dental plaques and tartar.


Confidence with a Smile

A person’s confidence level can depend on his or her strong points. There are a few whose best asset is their eyes, nose, and waistline. But to those who take good care of their teeth, flashing a perfect, eye-catching smile becomes a plus. You won’t feel little of yourself because you know you’ve got a good set of teeth. When you happen to stumble upon the person whom you have been trying to impress all your life, that beaming smile can become etched in his or her mind for all you know it.

When oral hygiene is taken for granted, the bacterial growth inside our mouth increases at a faster rate without us even noticing it. The substances inside our mouth when combined will create an unusual odor which is known as bad breath. People who exhale a foul smell when talking to their colleagues will later on think little of themselves because of various reasons: they will feel paranoid that other people are talking about them or even ignoring them for their unhygienic lifestyle.

TLC for our teeth

As we are unique individuals, we have different ways on caring for our teeth. There are some who are health conscious – keeping their teeth white and fresh by thoroughly brushing their teeth, flossing right after meals, and gargling with mouthwash. In contrast, there are other people who are not that mindful of their dental health – opt for one to two of the above mentioned options only.

We have to note that oral hygiene is not only limited to those three. Lifestyle is one factor that could best help prevent cavities. Here are a few key points that every person must learn by heart:

  • To avoid tooth decay from spreading out, one must control his or her intake of glucose-containing foods such as sweets and sodas.
  • One should be firm in refraining from cigarette smoking because nicotine is bad for both oral and nasal cavity.
  • To know the best course of action for every problem regarding the dental orifice, an expert’s help is required even before a dental emergency arises. Ideally, a dental check-up must be done once every year.

Just as how we are concerned for our eyes, how we give importance to our teeth is a reflection of our health in general. It’s because every aspect in our body is interrelated mainly because our body is made up of systems. Performing oral hygiene regularly will benefit us in the long run.